Transport of the equipment you have bought at CHESS ITC can be organised by us wherever the machine needs to go. Because of a good cooperation with shipping agents and road transport companies, we can make you a nice and competitive offer. On request, we can make you a good offer before you decide to buy a machine from us.

About 50% of the machines we sell are transported to the customer by road. If you send your own truck we will take care that the truck will be loaded in a correct way. All other machines that we sell need to be delivered to a nearby port for further shipment to the final destination. Our central location makes it easy to reach most of the west European ports at reasonable prices.

Export Documents

Due to the expansion of the European Union and the latest VAT regulation, buying and selling machines in Europe became very easy without any custom duty’s or charges. In most cases just an invoice with a valid VAT number will be enough.

Machines which we sell to country’s outside the European Union, do always need an Export declaration issued by the Dutch customs. We will take care of all the required export documents, so you don’t have to look after it.

Spare Parts & Service

We are focused on selling used equipment, but we also understand that if you buy a used machine, you are interested for some spare parts as well. We can supply spare parts and wear parts like all kind of filters, undercarriage parts, seal kits and much more.

We can also help you to find used components e.g. engines, hydraulic pumps and cylinders in case you need it later.

If you are looking for buckets, quickhitches, wheel/tyres, graps, outriggers etc. please take a look at our stocklist for a variety of used and new components.